Better Posture Better Back

The average UK office worker spends almost 1,700 hours a year in front of their computer screen (The Independent). Poor sitting posture is one of the main factors in the development of neck and shoulder pain as well as symptoms in the arm such as pain, pins and needles and numbness.

By following some of these simple guidelines you can reduce the loading on your body and thereby increase your comfort levels at work.

Sit right back in your chair – Place your bottom right back into the seat, keeping your back in contact with the back of the chair. Relax your trunk and let the chair do the work of sitting.

Keep your elbows just in front of your shoulders – there’s no need to have your arms outstretched to reach the keyboard. Simply move the keyboard closer to you or bring your chair closer in to the desk.

Make sure your shoulders are relaxed – Try to avoid tensing the shoulders when keying

Get a separate monitor – if you are using a laptop for an extended period of time the screen size will be small, hard to read the text and positioned too low. This will tend to draw you forwards, away from the back of the chair. A good solution is a separate monitor that can be placed nearer eye level.

– Sarah

Join our Cyclothon on 29/9

Our physio Sarah Field talking about our Macmillan fundraiser on Friday 29th of September:

Fancy a ‘cycle ride’ in Park Square for Macmillan?

Leeds Physiotherapy Clinic is very excited to announce our Park Square Cyclothon taking place as part of the Macmillan World’s biggest coffee morning on Friday the 29th of September from 10am to 3pm.

We’re looking for enthusiastic teams of 4 people to enter the static Cyclothon for a minimum donation of £50 to Macmillan. Each team will cycle on the static bikes for 10 minutes in a pre-booked time slot and the team that collectively cycles the furthest distance wins the competition.

With a Tour of Yorkshire theme in mind, we’ll be creating a ‘rural’ scene in the Square with huge photos of the Dales, model sheep, ducks, scarecrows, 2 classic cars, beehives……..  Of course there will also be coffee and cakes for sale for the riders and any supporters who may want to come along on the day.

You don’t have to be a super cyclist to take part as it’s only 10 minutes on a static bike. It’s more about enthusiasm and doing something fun for Macmillan. However, you can also see it as a kick-start to getting fit and we’ll have a few personal trainers, our Physios and our Pilates teacher Kati there on the day

Would you be able to enter a team and mention this event to other people who might be interested in joining in?  We’re booking time slots now and request the minimum donation in advance please. Ring 0113 245 7800 to book your team now.

Over the last two years we’ve raised nearly £2,000 for Macmillan and this year with such a big event we’re aiming for £6,000. Thank you for your support!


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Welcome Lucy Cook our new Massage Therapist!

We are delighted to welcome Lucy Cook to the Leeds Physiotherapy Clinic. Lucy is an experienced massage therapist who offers a variety of massage and beauty therapies. She is available on Mondays so ring us on 0113 245 7800 to book your treatment.