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We aim to deliver exceptional standards of patient care and satisfaction; the key success of our clinic – established over 70 years ago.


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About Leeds Physiotherapy

We aim to deliver exceptional standards of patient care and satisfaction; the key success of our clinic – established over 70 years ago, making us the oldest Clinic in Leeds.

We are situated in Park Square, a small park which offers an oasis of calm in the busy city centre of Leeds. Just off The Headrow, the benches and lawns make a great place to picnic or just simply relax from shopping!

Easy transport links and conveniently located with parking close by.

Let us introduce ourselves

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Sarah is an outstanding physiotherapist. Technically excellent but also offering a keen patient empathy that really sets her apart from other practitioners. A truly holistic approach that gives real, tangible results to sufferers of chronic pain. Highly recommended.

I have been having physio by Sarah Field due to pain related Scoliosis for a few weeks. I had been experiencing increasing levels of pain for some time and had come to accept it as an inevitable part of having a long term spinal condition. Within a few sessions Sarah has reduced my pain levels hugely, and I no longer need to take anti-inflammatories. Sarah has given me self management advice that has ensured I am comfortable at my desk and in bed. Customer service and appointment making highly efficient also. Highly recommended.

Sarah has consistently diagnosed and successfully treated different manifestations of my very stiff back. Sarah immediately diagnosed and successfully treated the problem, which was emanating from my back. I can’t recommend Sarah strongly enough. If you suffer back pain you would be daft not to go and see her.

Having being diagnosed by a Chiropractor, Osteopath, GP AND a Consultant Rheumatologist, I commenced treatment with Sarah Field. Sarah has helped me to become pain free and to no longer rely on prescription drugs.

For many years I have referred patients to The Leeds Physiotherapy Clinic. My patients and I have been very pleased with the quality of diagnosis and treatment as well as the general level of service received.

After experiencing pain in both my thumb joints, which was limiting my hand movements; I was referred to The Leeds Physiotherapy Clinic. After only one treatment session with John Rutherford I noticed an improvement in my symptoms. Following a course of treatment the symptoms were nearly non-existent. John also taught me proactive exercises to enable me to self-manage my symptoms.

Sarah has worked wonders with me and I would not still be running without her help. She diagnosed my back injury and gave the appropriate treatment and exercise plan along with the encouragement to get me back to what I love doing!

I was recommended to the clinic and was expecting great things…Boy did they deliver! From the thorough consultation to follow up appointments the staff were friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Not only did Sarah fix my immediate neck problem but she also identified problems that I had put up with for years! I was amazed by her up to date, extensive knowledge and the self management advice and exercises given helped enormously. The service that was provided was worth every penny and I have no hesitations in recommending this practice.

After 3 years of suffering severe constant pain in my feet, legs and back my son recommended his physiotherapist at Leeds Physio Clinic. After having some treatment with Sarah my quality of life has much improved and the pain drastically diminished and I would most certainly recommend them.

Recently finished a course of treatment with John, and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to deal with any issues with their running practice. I was training for a marathon when I encountered some issues and discomfort when running. Not only did he support me in recovering, but he took the time to understand my longer term goals and how these could be best achieved. Thanks, John!

Sarah has consistently diagnosed and successfully treated different manifestations of my very stiff back. Sarah immediately diagnosed and successfully treated the problem, which was emanating from my back. I can’t recommend Sarah strongly enough. If you suffer back pain you would be daft not to go and see her.

I have been treated by both Sarah and John over many years and I don’t know what I would have done without them. I have various back and neck problems that are always quickly diagnosed and treated. Service is always professional and friendly.
In my capacity as an Occupational Health Advisor I have also worked with both over the last 20 years on various projects. Always had very good feedback from participants and patients.

Having spent years visiting a chiropractor who seemed to do short term treatments…I found Sarah at Leeds Physiotherapy Clinic.

She is an excellent communicator and listener who was not only able to diagnose what was causing the discomfort but also explain why and offer advice on how to make small adjustments to my day to day life to help ease and limit any stiffness or discomfort.

Cannot thank Sarah Field and her team enough!
After I slipped a disc in my lower back I thought I would never recover…I could not sit down and lying down was very uncomfortable. After the first couple of physio sessions the progression I made was unbelievable and was able to sit again. Sarah made me feel very safe during this frightening time and reassured me that with patience and regular physio, surgery could be avoided. Sarah is very professional and extremely knowledgeable and I highly recommend her and her team

A clear diagnosis and treatment plan outlined from the initial appointment. Sarah checked in on each appointment what my expectations were and how I felt the treatment was progressing. A very person centred approach and flexible with appointment times

John is a terrific physio. I have seen him over a few years for different issues (back, hip, shoulder) and he has always got me better.

I have used Leeds Physio Therapy Clinic due to a lower back disc… developed in 2014. Sarah Field has provided much needed relief in times of chronic pain and more importantly taught me self help exercises so that I can successfully manage my spine from home. After moving away from the area in 2015 I visited a local physio with a different approach to my body and subsequently decided that the three hour journey back to Leeds to see Sarah was worthwhile.

I can’t praise the Clinic and Sarah enough, I was suffering from incredible pain in my thigh and lower back and I didn’t know what would help me. Well the answer was just a few sessions of Physiotherapy… I am constantly telling my friends and work colleagues how great she is and I know quite a lot of people have been to see her and would agree.

I was very lucky when I came across Leeds Physiotherapy Clinic. Thank you again for everything!

Great service, friendly and knowledgeable. Diagnosed and resolved my lower back issues, highly recommended!

I visited Sarah in April as I was suffering from a painful skiing calf injury… Within 10 minutes of my appointment I had gone from being unable to stand on my tiptoes or balance on my right leg to being able to do both and subsequently I was able to walk out of the appointment without the excessive limp I walked in with… I can’t recommend this clinic enough. With Sarah’s many years of experience and her wealth of knowledge she is able to quickly identify and put into action the appropriate correct physio immediately.

Since seeing Sarah my mobility and my pain have much improved… I can only recommend the Leeds Physiotherapy Clinic for its expertise with muscular-skeletal problems!

Sarah is amazing and can fix ANY back problem!

Excellent service and treatment. A friendly and honest clinic offering a wealth of knowledge and expertise, which has helped me significantly.

1 week ago I could hardly walk or get out of bed now that have been for physio with Sarah my movement is a lot better away 3 sessions.
I would highly recommend this clinic.

I’ve been suffering from backache since my teenage years, and have tried several methods to find relief. Here I am, 13 years later, and I finally meet Sarah. She taught me good exercises and corrected my posture, and also used her magic hands to solve all my issues in only 6 months. I finally feel like I have the right back for my age, and I’m not afraid that I will be in pain at any moment anymore

A few months ago, I had severe pain in my knee.  I could hardly walk.  It got a bit better but I was worried as I had booked to go on a mountain walking holiday in a couple of months.  I went to see Sarah at the Leeds Physiotherapy Clinic.  She immediately diagnosed the problem as not being my knee, but the nerve running to it.  After one treatment I felt 10 years younger and 90% improved.  I am going for a few more sessions and I am confident that I shall be walking up mountains as normal in a couple of months.  I cannot recommend Sarah and the clinic too highly.

Sarah diagnosed me really quickly and feel amazing after the session. Being a professional dancer my fitness is really important otherwise my work is badly affected. She has great knowledge and good explanations. I have seen her in person …

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We aim to deliver exceptional standards of patient care and satisfaction; the key success of our clinic – established over 70 years ago.

Sarah Field MCSP

Sarah Field MCSP


Having qualified in 1980 from Sheffield I knew almost immediately that I wanted to specialise in the treatment of spinal problems. This is a challenging area of physiotherapy but exiting and demanding. There are a limited number of practitioners who have made this area their speciality.

I keep fit by walking my two dogs, cycling, occasional jogging. I also run my own registered charity, fund raising for health related causes in Yorkshire.

Working as physiotherapist since 1980

Physios should be performing tailor-made, hands-on treatments, designed to suit the individual and developing achievable, realistic goals with each patient. Patients should also be empowered to take control of their personal well being through knowlege and education. It is the successful outcomes which motivate me to continue learning and keeping abreast of all the latest thinking about spines and the concept of pain.

John Rutherford MCSP BA (Hons)

John Rutherford MCSP BA (Hons)


My philosophy – The value of regular exercise cannot be overstated as an important factor in maintaining general health. As people age, exercise is a critical factor in prolonging functionality and independent living.

Sport is a huge part of my life as I have always participated in rugby, tennis and running, therefore really appreciating how frustrating it is when an injury prevents you from indulging in a favourite past time.

My other passions include walking and camping with my family, supporting my wife with her riding stables and playing on my tractor as a hobby farmer.

Working as physiotherapist since 1986

After leaving school I completed a degree in Human Movements at Carnegie, Leeds. This led naturally to a Physiotherapy degree, which I completed in 1986. In addition I am a qualified tennis and athletics coach, which together with my sports degree knowledge underpins my physiotherapy work, not just with sports people but also with the performing arts students, dancers and musicians.

Mar De la Cruz

Mar De la Cruz


Member of ATCM&Acupunture U.K., British Acupuncture Federation and HCPC

Professions that help others have always caught my attention, and that led me to study Social Work. Later when I became a mother my interest was in holistic therapies, which led me to study Naturopathy for three years and Traditional Chinese Medicine for three years 4 years at ESMTC (a university attached to the Yunnan and Beijing Universities). Since 2006 I started practicing acupuncture in clinics in Spain and it has been my passion ever since.
In 2012 I moved to the UK and I have been working in a few private clinics and at the SROM Center at St. James Hospital where I treat cancer survivors with acupuncture.
The cases that I see the most in my day to day in the clinic are related to chronic or acute pain in the back and neck, cases of infertility, insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression, menopause, PMS, digestive problems such as IBS, gastritis and genitourinary problems, such as endometriosis, urine infections etc.

Mike Butterworth

Mike Butterworth

Soft Tissue Therapist

He holds a BTEC level 5 Diploma Clinical Remedial Massage and qualified at the London School of Sports Massage. He is also a member of the Institute of Sport and Remedial Massage.

He qualified as a Movement Coach as well as a RocDoc level 1 and 2 through RockTape.


Mike has been working as a soft tissue therapist since May 2016.
He’s a triathlete and club cyclist which enhances his knowledge of the body mechanics involved as well as understanding potential injuries and the rehabilitation process.