Love Activity

You may have seen on our twitter page the new campaign launched by the CSP (Chartered Society of Physiotherapists) this year called Love Activity Hate Exercise? The campaign grew from the knowledge that more than a third of adults in the UK don’t achieve the daily recommended amount of exercise (World Health Organisation) and a suggestion that it comes from a fear of exercise itself.

Within the world of physiotherapy, the title has sparked some debate, with some questioning if it encourages aversion toward exercise. However others who have used this new campaign to inspire their patients have found that the theme resonates well with them as people who have never enjoyed the idea of exercise, which is often portrayed as a chore, in comparison to activity and the enjoyment that this word connotes.

The new campaign highlights that being active is not as boring as the word exercise can be portrayed. It can be fun. It can be enjoyable.

Sitting on the stationary bike in the gym is not fun for anyone, even avid gym-goers couldn’t defend it, so find the activity that suits you. For me, I love running and cycling, commuting to the clinic on my bike and throwing on a pair of trainers and going for a run in the evening. In a world where we are constantly flooded with images of tight fitting clothing and high gym fees, however, it’s no wonder we are getting less and less active.

To keep running fun, I use it as a way to explore my surroundings. If I’m running from home, I’ll choose a different route each time, going down public footpaths and roads I’m unfamiliar with so that each experience is a new one. Occasionally making a trip to somewhere different, most recently Fewston Reservoir. A change of scenery makes a lot of difference.

Another thing that helps me keep myself active is being active with other people. We are lucky being based in a city like Leeds in that there is something for everyone’s taste and fitness levels. Leeds has everything from walking groups, football teams, tennis, dance and more. So if you’re looking for social sport, you’re covered.

– Tia

Tips From The CSP

Look good, feel good
  • You don’t need expensive, special clothes or shoes – wear something light and comfortable. Get running shoes which are comfortable for you – there’s no need for expensive foot assessments!
Eat well, drink well
  • Energy gels are fine, but so are bananas! Eat nutritiously: fruit, malt-loaf, oats 30 minutes before running. Water is necessary, but you don’t need gallons! A glass before and after is fine.
Warm-up nice and gently
  • You don’t need anything special to warm up – just set-off walking until you feel ready to run! Easing into your run will help you feel more comfortable and reduce injuries.
Run for fun
  • Running should be enjoyable! Don’t feel you have to struggle and strain all the time. Run a bit, walk a bit. Listen to your body. Over time you will become fitter and stronger.
Ditch the tech and get off the road!
  • While tech like watches, trackers, headphones can be helpful, try not to let them get in the way of you and running. Try unplugging and use your precious time to connect with and explore open land and countryside.
Buddy up
  • Try running with a partner to help keep you motivated. Many find the community-feel and support of local parkruns Why not look up if there is a parkrun in your area you can join?